Our Equipment

Over the years we have invested largely in our plant and equipment to ensure our diversity, flexibility and ability to efficiently work on any project from the largest horse or cattle property, subdivision or smallest dog yard or garden fence. Our wide range of modern fencing equipment enables us to approach any project with confidence whatever the site, access or ground conditions.

We are accredited to locate property services - power, water, phone and gas.

(If it's metal, we can locate it!). This minimizes risk of unearthing property services - in turn saving both time and money and contributing to a safer working environment.

Our Equipment Includes:

  • 4WD 50hp tractor
  • 2WD 50hp tractor
  • 4WD utes
  • Tractor mounted hydraulic post driver, with pilot auger
  • Tractor mounted post hole digger
  • Tractor mounted rotary hoe
  • Tractor mounted slashing equipment
  • Rock augers
  • Rock breaker
  • One man post hole digger
  • Air driven star picket /post driver
  • Petrol powered chainsaws, drills, generators and compressor
  • C-Scope service locator